Dark Candles


Spooky Sachets



Each Spooky Sachet measures 4×3 inches, contains organic, sanitized, and dust-free crushed corn cob, and is fragranced in your choice of scent.

The mixture has been specially treated so that the scent oil is fully absorbed into the mixture and will not leak out onto surfaces.

The Sachets are custom made for Dark Candles by CaraMias Nite.  You can refill them or use them for jewelry and other assorted treasures

Sold individually

Hang in a closet or place in a bureau drawer to scent clothing and lingerie.
Hang from car rearview mirror or place it somewhere in the car.
Bachelorette party gifts, bridesmaid gifts, gift for anyone!
Put in suitcase when traveling.

Additional information

Weight.4 oz
Dimensions3 × 2 × 1 in


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