Shadow Cards

What Are Shadow Cards?

  • Shadow Cards are a program to reward you for shopping with Dark Candles!
    You'll receive one Shadow Card for each ten dollars you spend at (excludes shipping fees and any promo code discounts).
  • Once you acquire enough cards you can turn them in for a $10 Gift Certificate to - where else? - Dark Candles!

How to earn bonus Shadow Cards?

  • Mail-in orders get a bonus Shadow Card! If you choose to mail in your payment in the form of cash, postal money order, money order or check, I will include an extra bonus shadow card for free!

  • Dark Candles allows both domestic and international customers to participate in the shadow card program.

How do I redeem my Shadow Cards?

  • It only takes one stamp to mail 10 cards and a piece of paper.
    Do not paper clip, staple, or rubber band the cards or it might require more than one stamp and could potentially rip through the envelope.
    Include your 10 Shadow cards and a small piece of paper stating your Name, Mailing address, and Email Address so that I can email your gift certificate code to you.
    Please write as legibly as possible and mail them to:
    Dark Candles
    312 Lafayette Avenue
    Bay City, MI 48708

If you have collected more than 10 cards, and want to mail in 20 or 30 cards, you may do so and I can write your gift certificate for $20 or $30. I will only redeem cards in multiples of 10.
Once Dark Candles receives the cards, your $10 gift certificate code will be e-mailed to you within one week. If you don't get an email from me, make sure that the Dark Candles email (info at darkcandles dot com) is saved in your address book, and that my emails aren't going into your spam folder. If you still haven't heard from me, let me know and I will write to you from an alternate email address.

Mail your Shadow Cards to:
Dark Candles
312 Lafayette Ave
Bay City, MI 48708
About the Shadow Cards' Gift Certificate

Collect 10 Shadow Cards and mail them in to receive your Free $10 Gift Certificate! You can use it yourself or give it as a gift! The gift certificate can be applied towards the product total and also toward the shipping fees. Only one shadow card gift certificate may be used per transaction.