Dark Carnival™

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Dark Carnival™

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This scent will evoke images of dark laughter, midway games, freaky side shows, and seedy characters! A blend of Warm caramel popcorn, nutty candy apples, and fluffy cotton candy. This scent is not for eating - although you just might be tempted!

Please note: The standard color is "Dark Black". If you would like a custom color, please visit the pillar, votive, or tealite sections for this item and order from there.

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 18 September, 2008.

This scent (Dark Carnival), and Clove are my two favorites--well, since Jack-o-latte was discontinued. At Halloween, I usually have one or both of...

Stephanie Davison

In my opinion this is one of - if not THE - best scents D.C. offers. It smells exactly like it sounds, I always have some of this in the house as it...

Wanda Garner

My first Dark Candles purchase! My favorite scent of all time is that of a carnival or fair, and though this doesn't smell AS carnival-y as I was...

Samantha Doyle